Broken Skies - Theresa Kay



I've always been a huge sci-fi fantasy lover, and the premise of this book sucked me in immediately. Broken Skies is a young adult science fiction story that will grab you from the first page and still doesn't let go at the last page.

This book as such a fantastically fierce cast of characters, and Jax is on top of that list. She's a fighter, she has no choice but to be one. Jax knows what she has to do to survive, what needs to be done, even if it makes her a killer. I love her attitude and humor which added some comic relief to this dark sci-fi book.  I also enjoyed her unfailing loyalty to her brother, her determination to get him back. She knew what she had to do to get him back, she was completely willing to do it.

Lir is an alien that she meets. You’ll want to slap him upside the back of his head, kick him in the shin, and even scream at him sometimes but you can’t help but to love him.  I really need to find Hot Alien Boy :)
My emotions were everywhere throughout the entire book. One moment there was scenes that were so intense that I wanted to yell at Lir or Jax. I was practically jumping up and down during some of the scenes.

"The E'rikon have no clue that they created a monster, one that hates the darkness but also craves the serenity that would come with its embrace."

So to sum up - The plot was fantastic, the characters were realistic, and the outcome was completely unexpected. I love the ending along with the whole book and am excited to start the next book, and not just for the possibility of more scenes between Jax and Lir (please, let there be many!). Now when does that next one come out?