Wallbanger - Alice Clayton


There is distinction (in my head at least) between chick-lit and contemporary romance. The first one is more light-hearted the second usually features some kind of issue the the MC works thought the book.
The only issue the heroin had here was her problem to, ahm, "finish" (sex-vise). So, no, i didn't like this particular chick-lit.
And its not that it was a bad book, it wasn't. Its definitely funny if noting else. It made me lough a few times, the boy was hot, the girl was so-so but manageable, there was chemistry, there was tension and some smexy scenes, but...
its not you book, its me!

f you like your chick-lit a little shallow and a lot sexy then this is the book for you. Me? In future I'll keep my Chick-Lit in visual form only (aka watch movies with Katherine Heigl) and stick to contemporary romance when reading.

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